EVE Echoes provides quality of life improvements for beginners
    • Last updated August 25, 2020
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EVE Echoes provides quality of life improvements for beginners

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     August 25, 2020    


My memories of the last time I logged into my EVE Online account and tried to survive in New Eden are still a few years ago. This is why I got a unique feeling when playing EVE Echoes, which is familiar but different, just like the brand new model that was traded in 2003 Chevy Malibu. You will see that the instrumentation of this new car is no different from the past, but they have undergone some changes: high-tech touch screens and digital displays have replaced outdated buttons and knobs.

As mentioned above, EVE Echoes provides users with a brand-new user interface. These designs were completed by the developer CCP Games with the help of NetEase. In order to facilitate players to play games on mobile phones, developers use NetEase's years of experience in developing mobile games to adjust the interface and provide a more consistent appearance for the game system and countless menus. Safe and cheap EVE Echoes ISK is also very much needed by every player. With the help of MMOWTS, players can easily obtain a large number of cheap EVE Echoes ISK without spending too much money.

The new view allows players who have played EVE Online to view the current state of the ship at any time. A circular ship attribute HUD front and center will appear in the default view of the player's ship. Important information such as shield and armor status, capacitor charge and ship speed will be displayed in this HUD. The icons of the rigs installed on your vessel will be displayed on the right side of the HUD. If you want to activate them, you can do it easily by quickly tapping the screen with your right thumb.

There is also a button on the right side of the screen with Overview function, click this button to directly expand or collapse a list. The list contains all objects located near the ship, such as other players' ships, celestial bodies, space stations or other resource points. You can navigate your ship through the Overview button. Clicking on any object in the list will bring up a secondary menu, which contains different available operations. Such as initiating a warp to another location, pulling up the mining interface for a celestial body, target lock-on, or gathering up loot after a battle.

Of course, you can also implement the Cheap EVE Echoes ISK above pop-up function in other ways. You just need to directly click on the item you want to investigate on the screen and a radial menu will pop up, which contains the same executable operations. If you want to view the specific information of the target, you can press and hold the target to view the pop-up information panel. The project does exist. This is why the UI of the entire game provides players with a unified feel, because all other menus follow the same pattern.

The interface update of EVE Echoes also includes other surprises. Players only need to click the Easy Lock button on the screen to lock multiple targets at the same time, provided that the target computer on the ship has not reached full capacity. With these ways to improve the quality of life, even beginners can easily enjoy the game. And those players with many years of experience in EVE Online games do not have to worry about the content they are used to being changed. Operations such as manual lock-ons and ship maneuvering are still available.