Important trade routes in EVE Online were cut off by alien invasion
    • Last updated August 28, 2020
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Important trade routes in EVE Online were cut off by alien invasion

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     August 28, 2020    


Generally speaking, players do not need to consider logistics and transportation routes in any video game, except for some logistics-themed games such as Trucking Simulator series. However, in EVE Online, this is an important issue that every player needs to consider. If the player wants to move from one place to another, he must make a lot of preparations in advance-disassemble the ship including parts, EVE Echoes ISK For Sale weapons, ammunition and cargo and load them into a large transport ship, and then follow this ship The ship went on a long interstellar journey. Accidents may occur during the transfer, such as being robbed by interstellar pirates.

In the past few days, logistics and transportation in EVE Online have become more difficult because of alien invasions in the game. These aliens completely disrupted the most important trade route in the game, separating the entire galaxy into two halves.

In many MMORPGs, transportation space has never been a problem. Players’ backpacks can easily hold items of any size and each item occupies only one grid. In EVE Online, the situation is very different. If players want to move items from one location to another, they must rely on massive, vulnerable freighter vessels, because the volume of trade goods, commodities and spaceship parts is very large. These freighters avoid anything but the relative safety of EVE’s “High Security” space, any interstellar pirates who robbed in this space will be fatally hit by the NPC police.

In most cases, players do not need to delve into the more dangerous star systems in the galaxy, they can find a suitable transportation route between different High Security systems or Hisec systems. This is the case for the logistics route between the two largest trade centers in the game: Jita is the place where most commercial transactions are conducted and the main market center, and the second largest trade center is Amarr. Players only need to go through 9 different systems to get from Jita to Amarr smoothly, and this process can basically be completed within an hour.

On Monday, a system named Niarja in the trade route was attacked by NPC troops and was about to be conquered by the Triglavian NPC faction. The same thing has happened to many other systems in the past few months. The EVE game community began to discuss the consequences of Niarja being conquered by the Triglavian NPC, that is, this trade route will be completely destroyed. EVE Echoes has been officially released not long ago, which means you can experience the same game content as EVE Online on your phone. In EVE Echoes, ISK is also a very important universal currency. will provide you with cheap EVE Echoes ISK, and your funds and account security will be best protected.