World of Warcraft Classic has extraordinary value for nostalgic players

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World of Warcraft Classic has extraordinary value for nostalgic players

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     September 1, 2020    


Blizzard released the official version of Vanilla World of Warcraft at the end of August last year and named it World of Warcraft Classic. Many people believe that the number of players will rapidly decrease after a period of time because the rose-colored eyes will eventually fall off. However, the actual situation is completely opposite to what we imagined. Since its release last year, World of Warcraft Classic has more than doubled the number of subscribers to World of Warcraft, which is a huge success for Blizzard.

The expansion called Shadowlands will also be released to Classic WOW Gold players before the end of this year. This will be the eighth expansion launched by retail World of Warcraft since its release. If you have been playing retail World of Warcraft for many years, then the new expansion will definitely make you excited. But for other players, the various changes that the expansion has brought to World of Warcraft content make them feel unfamiliar with the game, which drives them to find a tougher MMO experience. For these players, the best option is to join World of Warcraft Classic and start a new adventure.

What does World of Warcraft Classic mean to players?
In the past few years, when players repeatedly asked to return to the experience of Vanilla World of Warcraft, Blizzard realized that it was imperative to launch World of Warcraft Classic. Before this, players had to choose to join various illegal private servers in order to solve this problem. What really made fans call for an official Vanilla World of Warcraft server was an event that happened in 2016. In this year, Blizzard ordered the server owner to shut down the largest private server named Nostalrius. In 2018, the representative officially announced the World of Warcraft Classic plan at the opening ceremony of the Blizzard Carnival.

Why can World of Warcraft attract so many players?
When World of Warcraft was just released in 20014, many players were attracted by the game, which quickly gained millions of subscribers worldwide. In addition to the rich content of the game, the powerful force that affects the performance of the game lies in the world shaped by the game.

In fact, Azeroth first appeared in Warcraft: Orcs and Humans in 1994, and then Warcraft 2 developed more stories and legends on this basis. World of Warcraft 3 is the most popular among players in the series. Many of the characters that appear in World of Warcraft still play important roles in World of Warcraft, such as Sylvanas Windrunner, Jaina Proudmore, and Arthas Menethil, among many others.

Therefore, players can easily find content that interests them in the World of Warcraft released in 2004, including all the knowledge, background stories and locations introduced in the Warcraft series. These factors make them quickly immersed in a short period of time. In the familiar Azeroth. It is worth mentioning that even in the most primitive game experience provided by World of Warcraft Classic, the map is very large, and it takes a long time for walking players to get from one place to another. This is why mounts are very important in the game. Every player wants to get his own mount after level 40, but this is not easy, because buying a mount requires a lot of WOW Classic Gold. In order to solve the difficulties encountered by players, MMOWTS provided help. They sell WOW Classic Gold at a cheap price, which not only helps players save time, but also save money. This is a quality service that other game service websites cannot provide.