About Clutch Bearings And Other Clutch Structures
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    • Last updated November 14, 2022
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About Clutch Bearings And Other Clutch Structures

Posted By Ben Woo     November 14, 2022    


If you've ever bought a clutch, you know that a clutch has three main components - the pressure plate, cover assembly, and bearings. There’s also the flywheel, which bolts to the clutch and comes with some high-performance clutch kits.

The flywheel is bolted to the end of the crankshaft and does two jobs. First, it's weight. As the engine spins, the flywheel spins. It removes any unevenness in the way the engine works and keeps it turning. This is also where the drive plate of the clutch rests.

The drive disc, also known as the friction disc, is the bit that transfers torque from the flywheel to the rest of the transmission. They come in different materials and can handle different levels of torque and heat. The material used will affect the torque rating of the clutch.

When the pedal is off, the clutch cover clamps the drive disc to the flywheel. How hard the clutch cover is clamped to the drive plate will also affect the torque rating of the clutch. The spring in the clutch cover assembly largely determines the pedal feel.

The bearings just keep the other parts in the clutch turning smoothly. There are several different types of these. It's worth checking to see if the clutch kit includes this feature, not all of them do.

The right choice for your clutch will depend on how much torque your vehicle produces and what you're using it for. For many, an OE replacement or an upgraded organic clutch will be the road bike of choice. Some of the high-performance organic clutches on offer can hold surprisingly high torque.

Once none of this is up to the job, you need to think carefully about how the car will be used and how you want the clutch pedal to feel.

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