Blizzard in a brand new blog post

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Blizzard in a brand new blog post

Posted By lowes emily     November 17, 2022    


The first major content update in WoTLK Gold Burning Crusade Classic is right just around the corner. It will include a brand-new Arena season and two new raids, namely Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep. However, getting the new raids will not be as simple like navigating the portal.

According to Blizzard in a brand new blog post, the procedure for attuning for being able to take part in the raids set to begin on September 15 not short or easy. Like when the original Burning Crusade launched in 2007 The process to be attuned involves a multi-step process. First, players need to get various keys to unlock diverse dungeons or raids. later, they need to complete those dungeons as well as raids. Then, they must complete many more dungeons at higher difficulty. There are also long quest chains , which often require up to five players to complete.

The entire process could take upwards of a dozen hours or more this is one of the reasons Burning Crusade, as groundbreaking as it was back then it has been infamously linked with attunement charts that are complex, such as ones below.

I found the older TBC Raid Attunement Chart on my old laptop Wow

A lengthy attunement process did not just serve as a hurdle for players to conquer however it also became a major obstacle on the eyes of guilds hoping for new members to join in the later phases in the process WoTLK Classic Gold. Because a large number of new or returning players were unlikely to have completed the attunement process, guilds desperate to fill vacancies on their roster would often turn to poaching players of other guilds.