Path of Exile quality and future of the bingo

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Path of Exile quality and future of the bingo

Posted By Mill Neo     November 16, 2018    


Honestly, this looks like a terrible move.

 I won't bother to elaborate why, because some people before me already have voiced my concerns within a more articulate way than i could truthfully.

 I fear for that quality and future of the bingo.

I do not believe you, GGG.

How could I considering the fact that every major MMO type game containing gotten a console release after many years of PC Development has drastically changed the PC client in the game - always for that worse.

You've created one in the best Cheap POE Items MMO ARPG experiences of the time. Am I really suppose to take a seat here and assume that experience won't change using a console release? C'Mon now.

Sacred. Sacred 2. Diablo 3. Even more recently with POE Trade Marvel Heroes - all ARPG games that saw their PC clients drastically change for just a console release or impending console release. All changes that made the sport worse.