Path of Exile trading in the system
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Path of Exile trading in the system

Posted By Mill Neo     November 25, 2018    


Speaking in general terms you continue bringing up this doomsday scenario without.

 ANY evidence to back this up other than Diablo III which failed NOT since it was automated but given it involved REAL MONEY.

This is really a major distinction that folks seemingly do not realise or ignore purposely (with regards to ggg's public statements.

I simply can't believe believe that it was POE Trade the automation but not the real money that caused its downfall).

There are DOZENS of flash games with automated trading in which the system simply works (and has now been earning a living for years) which doomsday scenario simply doesn't happen.

Wasting time emulating is really Buy POE Items a ridiculous thing also it staggers me that lots of people seem to enjoy it and think this is really a good idea.