Path of Exile touched my keyboard for 3h

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Path of Exile touched my keyboard for 3h

Posted By Mill Neo     November 29, 2018    


I agree while using review only where it's right for that avg person reading it. If however you're someone who loves searching for loot and using builds, PoE doesn't have equal.

I always thought this type of game do things wrong because always, the very first time you get involved in it, it is indeed boring that it type of POE Trade ruins the many fun so it could have together while using surprises of exploring the entire world of the game for your first time.

I remember when I played Diablo 3 with Cheap POE Orbs the first time. I was really just playing while using mouse, I had not touched my keyboard for 3h, also it was just prefer that until some boss fight on the second act that was quite simple too.