What tools do I need to start a podcast?

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What tools do I need to start a podcast?

Posted By Barry Elvis     October 7, 2020    


Starting a podcast is a lot easier than most folks assume, but even though there is relatively little you actually need to get started, there are a lot of items you might want to consider to produce a really great show. Invest in those tools that will help you build and maintain success, and allow you to take your show to the next level when you are ready for that step.

These are some of the tools you need to start a podcast.


A microphone is one of the most basic podcast tools. The quality of your content is going to depend on the microphone that you purchase, so if you have room in your budget for a better quality microphone, this is where you should spend it. Research some of the best microphones that are within your budget and pick the one that has software that is easy for you to use. Click here for more information on podcast tools available online.


Headphones are another one of the essential podcast tools you will come to rely on in order to create content. Headphones aren't as splurge worthy as a good microphone, but you need a quality pair that will hold up to regular usage. The quality of sound, both for you and for your audience is important enough to pick out a good pair. This also brings in the issue of comfort, so try out the styles that are currently on the market before buying.

Podcast Analytics Tool

A podcast analytics tool is necessary for anyone that is podcasting for the purpose of building a brand and income around their show. Tools that include an advertising platform within the platform are ideal and keep everything in one place.

Skype Account

A skype account is an essential tool for most podcasters because it gives them a way to conduct interviews with individuals that are not in the same place. Most podcast interviews are done on this medium because of the quality of sound and the ease of use. Skype is a well developed platform that has been around for years and is well developed.

Vanity URL

A vanity URL is a smart investment that will pay off as your podcast grows. This gives you the ability to create easy to use and remember links for your listeners. Having to go back and transfer all your older podcasts later is a hassle so invest in this upfront.

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