The Elevator Manufacturer Tells You Which Elevator Safety Switch

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The Elevator Manufacturer Tells You Which Elevator Safety Switch

Posted By Blanche fuji     December 6, 2018    


Today fuji Elevator Manufacturer share the role of the elevator's safety switch: in order to ensure that the elevator can operate safely, there are many safety components on the elevator. Only when each safety component is under normal conditions can the elevator run, otherwise the elevator will stop running immediately.

The so-called safety circuit is to install a safety switch in each safety part of the elevator, connect all the safety switches in series, and control a safety relay. Only when all safety switches are switched on, the safety relays can be energized and the elevator can be operated electrically.

Common safety loop switches are:

Machine room: control panel emergency stop switch, phase sequence relay, thermal relay, speed limiter switch.
Well: upper limit switch, lower limit switch (some elevators put these two switches in the safety circuit, and some use these two switches to directly control the power supply).
Ground pit: broken rope protection switch, pit stop repair box emergency stop switch, buffer switch.
Inside the car: the emergency stop switch of the control box.
Car top: safety window switch, safety clamp switch, car top inspection box emergency stop switch.
Fault status: When the elevator is in the stop state, all signals cannot be registered, and the express train cannot run. First, it is suspected that the safety loop is faulty. You should go to the equipment room control panel to observe the status of the safety relay. If the safety relay is in the released state, it should be judged as a safety loop failure.