Choose the right modern bathroom cabinet

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Choose the right modern bathroom cabinet

Posted By con tuo     November 12, 2020    


Modern bathroom cabinets are an essential part of every family's bathroom. Today I will talk about the precautions when choosing a bathroom cabinet.

1. Material

When buying a bathroom cabinet, it is important to choose the material. Bathroom cabinet surface materials are roughly divided into natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, baking varnish board, glass, metal and solid wood.

Some bathroom cabinets from regular manufacturers in the building materials market are all-piece ceramic basin bath cabinets, and the cabinet body is made of pure solid wood or molded moisture-proof board. This type of product has many advantages, including scratch resistance and no spots; it will not crack due to sudden changes in water temperature; it uses high-quality imported hinges, slide rails and other hardware to make the cabinet more durable.

2. Combination form

According to the installation form, there are mainly two types of bathroom furniture: floor-standing and wall-mounted. The floor-standing type is suitable for the modern bathroom with separate dry and wet and larger space. The biggest advantage of the wall-mounted design is that it saves space, is easy to take care of, and eliminates the sanitary corner.

It divides the space reasonably by arranging multiple elements such as shelves, storage cabinets, and floor cabinets, thereby effectively increasing the storage function of bathroom furniture, and also making the functions of washing, making up, and changing clothes tend to be clearly separated.

3. Color and matching

The colors of bathroom cabinets are more diverse, and light-colored bathroom cabinets are still the mainstream. The pure white vanity cabinet creates the elegance and cleanliness of the bathroom, bright and beautiful, revealing comfort and calmness, and the whole color combination is seamless with the white of the ceramic basin. The elegant colors make you feel like you are in a quiet world. After the cumbersome life, you can enjoy the freshness of nature when you enter this space, and all the disturbances are instantly free, and you are at ease.

Hangzhou Housen Furniture Co., Ltd. can provide modern bathroom cabinets of various materials and styles. You can visit our official website to view: modern bathroom cabinets.