A brief introduction of wash basin bathroom cabinet

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A brief introduction of wash basin bathroom cabinet

Posted By con tuo     December 8, 2020    


The wash basin bathroom cabinet is a basin for washing hands and faces with water, and it is also an indispensable sanitary ware in people's daily life. The wash basin is an indispensable sanitary ware in people's daily life.

The most commonly used materials for wash basins are ceramics, enamel pig iron, enamel steel plates, and terrazzo. With the development of building materials technology, new materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, artificial marble, artificial agate and stainless steel have been introduced one after another at home and abroad. There are many types of wash basins, but their common requirements are smooth surface, imperviousness, corrosion resistance, resistance to cold and heat, easy to clean and durable.

Therefore, pay attention to the ceramic quality when choosing a washbasin. The high-quality washbasin has a smooth glazed surface, without pinholes, bubbles, glaze removal, uneven gloss, etc.; the sound of knocking ceramics by hand is relatively clear. The inferior ones often have blisters, air bubbles, lack of glaze, and even slight deformation, and the sound produced by percussion is dull.

Hygiene: 1. Do not scrub with sharp instruments. 2. Do not rinse with acidic substances. 3. Spray some disinfectant regularly. The washbasin has the advantages of high temperature resistance, humidity resistance, easy cleaning, hard and wear-resistant surface, and aging resistance. It is the mainstream product in the current basins of various materials. The important reference indicators are the glaze finish, brightness and water absorption of ceramics.

The wash basin bathroom cabinet with high smoothness, pure color, not easy to hang dirty, easy to clean, good self-cleaning, can choose to be under strong light when judging, carefully observe the reflection of the surface of the product from the side, so that the surface is free of small blisters and hemp It is better if there are few spots, or trachoma and pitting. You can also touch the surface lightly with your hands to feel very smooth and delicate.