Things to Know About Dating a Watch Collector
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    • Last updated November 16, 2020
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Things to Know About Dating a Watch Collector

Posted By Alex Samuel     November 16, 2020    


You will be proud to "walk arm in arm"
Your honey always looks put together and trendy, until they wear on the wrist. They take pleasure in choosing the right watch to wear for every outfit or occasion.

Maybe the watch has a significant date or the color matches his eyes, whatever the reason, choosing a watch from their collection makes them feel complete and well dressed. When wearing one of their favorite clothes, other people will notice and comment on their choice of watch and good taste.

You will most likely find a display stand somewhere
One of the first things you noticed when you first explored their home was their carefully curated watch. Most collectors find a way to show their pride and joy, whether it's an exhibit in the main living room or in the privacy of their bedroom, a collector wants to enjoy looking at their watches every day.

Owning a collection of luxury watches goes beyond a simple need or logical requirement, it says a lot about the emotions of the person. Watches are usually given to mark achievements, almost like a trophy. Being able to see this special timepiece every day gives the collector immense pleasure, and who could not use more?

You certainly won't know more about watches than he does, don't even try!
Luxury watch collectors often focus on a brand, style, or even a historically significant era on which they base their collection. Due to the large amount of information available on luxury watches, it is easy to obtain expert status in a particular brand or style of watch.

Sharing knowledge among watch collectors is one of the great joys of becoming a watch aficionado. The large number of online groups, social media enthusiasts and bloggers all focused on collecting luxury watches is a testament to people's passion for their watch collections.

But listen and smile when the conversation resumes
Your boyfriend or girlfriend loves to talk about watches with you, with their friends online, with pretty much anyone who wants to listen to them. It's part of the collection and enthusiasm for watches, they're ready for any conversation involving stopwatches, ball bearings, and keyless winding

The best thing in the world is that you care about their collection and knowledge because it interests them for who they are.

Expect to gain a new perspective
Collecting luxury watches is no hobby, but even the most avid collector loves a bargain. Since these watches tend to increase in value over time, the pleasure of collecting may, for some, be traded or bartered.

Every watch collector has their own take on the hobby, and watches are sure to offer more than just a way to tell the time.

And take advantage of many hunting weekends
How does an avid luxury watch collector find parts for his treasure? There are many auctions offering certified vintage and antique watches, as well as barter and e-commerce groups.

While some of these sites may be safe, look for a reputable luxury watch marketplace that offers transparent transactions and guaranteed authenticity. For many collectors, the hunt for the next jewel in the collection is the main source of excitement for luxury watches.

We have explained to you the what, why and how of luxury watch collecting and we hope you better understand your partner's love for luxury watch collecting.


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