Path of Exile far from your norm overall

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Path of Exile far from your norm overall

Posted By Mill Neo     December 11, 2018    


According for the statistics, lower than 12% of players level 90+ in legacy league used blood rage.

You, yourself, purchased Blood Rage on only considered one of your last 5 characters.

This universe you've concocted mentally where "Everyone uses frenzy charges" is often a delusional fantasy.

 Yes, far more people used frenzy charges this league because RAIDER WAS THE MOST USED CLASS. And Raider is made around frenzy charges.

 And they designed on the get POE PS4 Currency go around them, it was not just 'tacked on' because you people imply.

But even so it's far from your norm overall, and even within POE PS4 Orbs the most favorable non-ranger classes for frenzy charges(berserkers and assassins), they barely broke 20% blood rage use.