Elevator Manufacturers Share Tips On How To Take The Elevator In A Civilized Way

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Elevator Manufacturers Share Tips On How To Take The Elevator In A Civilized Way

Posted By Blanche fuji     December 17, 2018    


How do you protect yourself in the event of an elevator failure? What actions can't be done? Experts give you support. At the same time, the afa Elevator Manufacturers also said that the elevator failure rate is relatively low, and the passengers do not have to panic.

There are two main types of elevator failures. One is that the elevator suddenly stops running, and the other is that the elevator loses control and falls. If the elevator suddenly stops, don't panic first, try to press the door open button and call the elevator service unit for assistance through the intercom or mobile phone in the elevator. You can also pass the trapped information to the outside world by calling for help, and don't force the door or try to climb out from the car roof. In the event of an elevator failure, the elevator car is the safest place.

If the elevator loses control and a sudden fall occurs, press the buttons on each floor as soon as possible. Choose a corner that doesn't depend on the door, your knees are bent, your body is half-squatting, try to keep your balance, and hold your child in your arms when you have children.

After the elevator fails, do not rush to use the non-professional tools to dismantle the elevator. The property management personnel and the unit responsible for elevator maintenance should be notified as soon as possible. Maintenance personnel will use professional technical means to implement rescue, to ensure maximum personnel safety.

So how do you get the elevator in the right civilization? Let's share some tips:
1. When taking the elevator, do not force the elevator door to close by hand or body.

2. When a building has a fire or earthquake, it is absolutely not allowed to use the elevator. It can only be evacuated from the walking ladder or the fire exit.

3. Do not jump in the elevator. Do not use rough behavior on the elevator for any reason, such as using the pedals on the wall or hitting with a tool.

4. Do not smoke in the elevator. The elevator has certain recognition function for smoke. If smoking in the elevator, it may cause the elevator to think that it is on fire, and take emergency measures, which will cause the elevator to be automatically locked and the personnel trapped.