Common Faults Of Tapered Button Bits

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Common Faults Of Tapered Button Bits

Posted By drilling kaiqiu     December 2, 2020    


    a, Drilling Tools Manufacturer's common faults and reasons for Tapered Button Bits
    1. Reasons for insufficient motor power and troubleshooting
    2. The air source pressure is too low and the air volume is too small. Check whether the air supply valve is fully opened and whether the air supply hose is damaged; the diameter of the air inlet pipe is too small, increase the diameter of the air inlet pipe; the air inlet hose is too long, shorten the air inlet The length of the hose; the oil cup is blocked, clean the oil cup to eliminate the fault; the air compressor is not working properly, solve the problem to make it work normally; the bearing is damaged, replace the bearing; whether the pressure reducing valve is in the closed position, the pressure reducing valve should be closed; Air leakage at the joint, tighten the joint to ensure that the joint is in good condition; there is debris in the motor reducer, remove the debris.
    3. Check the motor valve if the wrench is not in place. If it cannot be opened completely, replace with a new valve.
    4. The filter screen and the muffler are blocked. Disassemble the filter and clean the filter screen; if the lubricant is excessive, disassemble and clean the filter to adjust the oil supply. The muffler is frozen, take it out and clean it, it is recommended to use antifreeze lubricant.
    5. Check the "O" ring for air leakage at the three-way shaft, and replace the damaged "O" ring.
    6. The motor drive torque is small. The gap between the motor rotor and the housing is too large, and the cylinder reversing valve seal is worn out, causing a large amount of compressed air leakage. The motor rotates normally when idling, but after drilling, the motor rotates rapidly or loses its rotating speed, and it stops when the anchoring agent is stirred.
    b. Cause analysis and troubleshooting of insufficient outrigger thrust:
    ① The compressed air pressure on the working surface is low, which does not meet the requirements of Tapered Button Bits. It is recommended to use 0.4-0.65MPa air pressure;
    ② The air supply valve is not fully opened, the air supply pipeline is damaged and leaks, the pipe joint leaks, the air supply hose is broken, the loop is too much, the pipe diameter is too small, etc., which increase the pressure loss of the pipeline, resulting in the compressed air supplied to the cylinder Low pressure;
    ③ The oil injector is blocked, the pipeline pressure loss increases, and the air pressure decreases;
    ④ The filter is blocked by contaminants, the pipeline pressure loss increases, and the air pressure decreases. It should be checked and cleaned;
    ⑤, the leg seal is damaged, replace the new seal;
    ⑥ There is too much oil in the legs, and the resistance is too large; clean the legs and lubricate them appropriately to reduce the resistance;
    ⑦, the cylinder reversing valve seal is worn, causing air leakage.
    c. Reasons for the slow falling speed of outriggers and troubleshooting
    When Tapered Button Bits are working, the unreasonable placement position causes the uneven force of the machine to bend the telescopic tube;
    If dust enters into the cylinder, clean it, lubricate it appropriately, reduce resistance, and check whether the dust ring is damaged. If it is damaged, replace it immediately; the inner wall of the steel outer tube is rusted, which makes the rubber bowl unable to move and speeds up the rubber bowl Wear and tear; the exhaust valve is blocked, clean the exhaust valve.
    d. Reasons for slow drilling speed and troubleshooting:
    ① Insufficient cylinder thrust: The compressed air pipeline exceeds the rated load, pipeline leakage, and valve wear cause low working air pressure and insufficient cylinder thrust.
    ②. Drill rod specifications are unqualified or have been bent and deformed: check whether the drill rod is bent, if it is bent, it should be repaired to be straight before use; check whether the drill bit specifications are correct, and use a drill with appropriate specifications. Check whether the drill bit is sharp, use a sharp drill bit; the center hole of the drill rod is blocked, check and clean the center hole of the drill rod.
    ③ Insufficient water supply: The Tapered Button Bits valve cannot be fully opened, and the water flow is not smooth; the water source pressure is low, and the water pressure should be kept within the range of 0.6-1.2MPa; the water supply valve is not fully opened, the water supply pipe is blocked, the pipe is damaged and Water leakage in the joint causes low water pressure and low flow.