Elevator Manufacturers Share Knowledge Of Elevator Dimensions

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Elevator Manufacturers Share Knowledge Of Elevator Dimensions

Posted By Blanche fuji     January 2, 2019    


The elevator door is mounted on the door of the elevator. The elevator doors can be divided into two types from the installation position, and the landing doors are installed at the entrance of the hoistway, and the car doors are installed at the entrance of the car. The landing door and the car door can be divided into a middle door, a side door, a vertical sliding door, a hinged door and the like according to the structure. The split-type door is mainly used in the passenger elevator, and the side-opening door is used more commonly on the freight elevator and the sick bed ladder. The vertical sliding door is mainly used for the debris ladder and the large automobile elevator. Hinge doors are rarely used in China and are used more in foreign residential ladders. Let's take a look at the standard size of the elevator door length and height with the fuji Elevator Manufacturers .

First, the composition of the elevator

The main components of the elevator are composed of the car, boring machine, door system, electrical system, and hoistway components. The middle door and the car door are important safety facilities to prevent items and people from falling. General commercial elevators and industrial elevators are the most basic components and are the guarantee of safety. Be sure to observe these details when taking the elevator, as it is often because the details are not noticed.

Second, the size of the elevator door

The angle of inclination of the elevator during operation needs to be less than 15° so that the size and structure of the elevator door need special consideration and design so that the goods can be conveniently transported. The elevator door size is generally determined according to the weight that can be withstood. The net size of the 630KG elevator door is 800mm*2100mm, and the net size of the 800KG door is 800*2100. The 1000KG load-bearing elevator doors are generally customized to 800*2100.1000KG. The weight of the elevator generally opens with a net size of 900*2100. For 1000KG or more, the door opening size needs to be set to 1100*2100.

Third, the height of the elevator door

The width of the elevator door can be widened and raised according to demand. Typical door sizes are 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1400, etc. If the load reaches 5T or more, the door number needs to be set to 2000MM or more. The height of the elevator door is also generally from 2000mm, 2100mm, 2200mm, 2400mm, 2800mm and so on. The specific height also needs to be determined according to the car. The size of the middle door is also determined according to the width and height of the elevator door. The size of the middle door corresponding to the height of different equals is also different. This has certain conversion standards.