Path of Exile 99.9% times a complete pointless

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Path of Exile 99.9% times a complete pointless

Posted By Mill Neo     January 2, 2019    


This manifesto claims it's fun for getting upgrades from drops... If only drops weren't 99.9% times a complete pointless. Than I might actually have a look at them. Even using a loot filter this really is still true.

When I read all this I see is GGG won't give Cheap POE Orbs a dream how it's players think. I mean look Sulphite is in the sport.

If that you do not believe me just have a look at the manifest again. It covers easy trade verses hard trade. And than proceeds to Buy POE Orbs only list cons on easy trade.

I think the computer is 90% of where it ought to be.

For me I think one change they should be add is quite than trading player to player instead you get the item about the trade site, proceed to the players hideout and access their stash.

    Take an item you want out for your buyout price asked (you simply get to determine publicly viewable stash tabs, don't assume all).