Path of Exile can become being Slayer and Scion

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Path of Exile can become being Slayer and Scion

Posted By Mill Neo     January 6, 2019    


Thousands of players just stop searching new meta,
cause u just will take vaal pact andface tank end game content
for 10 exalts.

And 1 more thing. Nerfs is not only a popular decision.
Butwe ask u to nerf this dam` VP that long)

So .. THANK YOU, guys, for hearing our wishes,
and for youe bravery!

Most builds now can become being POE Trade Slayer and Scion, if not using those, then it find yourself being a totem, summoner, scorching ray/blight, or perhaps a max block build. ._.

lmfao, the sole people upset about these changes are terrible softcore players who've never hit 90 inside of 6 months, and POE Items been carried by instant leech for 5 a number of have no idea the way to actually play in the game.