Are the die-casting molds of China die casting factory expensive?

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Are the die-casting molds of China die casting factory expensive?

Posted By wei long     December 15, 2020    


Many people want to go to a die-casting factory to make aluminum die casting or other die-casting parts, but they rejected the idea after seeing the price. However, some people like to make die-casting molds because they are particularly rich? Actually not, just because they are more expensive than die casting molds. So, what is the price of die casting molds? Why are some manufacturers cheaper and some manufacturers cheaper?

In fact, the first thing a die-casting plant has to do after receiving an order for mass production of die-casting parts is to open the die-casting mold. If you cannot open the mold, be sure to purchase it from a suitable mold factory. Traditional procurement channels usually have high mold costs, unsatisfactory mold quality, and delivery delays. Confusingly, most domestic die-casting plants have become accustomed to these problems and have passively accepted them.

Different from other die-casting plants, some die-casting plants have tried new methods of purchasing die-casting molds. They did not follow the usual methods, but actively changed the procurement channels. The quality and accuracy of the purchased molds not only fully meet the product requirements, but the purchase cost ratio has directly dropped by about 15% in the past. why? In fact, he just passed the procurement requirements directly to the mold industry platform, and the next job was completed with the free help of the platform. All they have to do is "place orders on the platform and receive orders when needed."

The platform accepts online mold orders, while the offline mold factory is responsible for manufacturing. The mold factory guarantees 15% profit to ensure mold quality and delivery time, and provide mold after-sales service. This new method of the China die casting factory can indeed benefit both parties and can fully guarantee the quality of the product, so this method is still very good.