It Is A Good Choice to Choose Syringe Machine

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It Is A Good Choice to Choose Syringe Machine

Posted By Zheng ri     December 15, 2020    


The syringe machine manufacturers need to maintain high levels of quality in order to ensure safety of patients and caregivers while at the same time maximizing productivity to deliver their product at a competitive price. AVTEX Machine Vision Inspection Stations were customized specifically for a two-machine syringe assembly process coupled with a packaging system built by Arthur G. Russell Company (AGR) meeting both of those goals. The machine vision system performs a series of inspection operations, such as ensuring the presence and location of components, in as little as 50 milliseconds.

“The key to maintaining AVTEX’s Inspection Station’s accuracy at ultra-high levels of speed is incorporating Cognex VisionPro? software, which includes vision tools with the intelligence to ignore non-critical variations in appearance while focusing on the critical features that determine a product’s acceptability,” said Mark Granahan, President of AVTEX.

Established in 1995, AVTEX is dedicated to machine vision and is headquartered in Burlington, Connecticut, US, near Hartford, with an engineering branch in Bristol, CT, at The A.G. Russell Co. (AGR). AVTEX’s clients include North American and European manufacturers and machine assemblers in all industries ranging from consumer products to medical, automotive, aerospace and electronics.

Since its founding in 1945, AGR has been an innovator in the field of automatic assembly equipment. AGR has built hundreds of large scale machines and thousands of precision feed systems for the assembly of medical products such as syringes and blood collection tubes. The company has extensive experience in high-speed assembly of all types of medical products, as well as thorough understanding of the Food & Drug Administration requirements for medical product assembly.

“We used Cognex VisionPro software to develop six machine vision inspection stations for this machine,” said David Baker, AVTEX engineer. The VisionPro tool library offers a wide range of powerful tools that provide accuracy and repeatability under the most challenging conditions and can be used to perform just about any machine vision application.

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