Do You Consider Zhengri Syringe Machine?

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Do You Consider Zhengri Syringe Machine?

Posted By Zheng ri     January 26, 2021    


A client in the medical industry needed a faster, more reliable method of filling oral syringes with liquid medications. Having human operators fill syringes one at a time was not efficient. That system led to inconsistencies between operators, and waste, due to air bubbles, causing inexact measurements of medicine.

To solve the client’s problem, Zhengri developed a syringe machine that can automatically fill up to four syringes at once with the exact amount of fluid desired every time. It reduces or eliminates air bubbles and is faster and more precise than a person or machine filling one syringe at a time. Additionally, it is less complicated and expensive than a fully-automated, high-speed line of equipment.

With Zhengri’s machine, an operator can select a pre-programmed “recipe,” which contains information about the size of the syringe and other settings. When ready, the operator loads the bottles and syringes into the machine and presses a foot switch to start the automatic filling process.

Zhengri Engineering’s oral syringe filling machine can fill up to 400 syringes per hour, doubling the number filled by the client’s most experienced human operator.

In addition to its fast, easy, hands-free operation, the oral syringe filling machine developed by Zhengri uses safety light curtains and other methods to protect the operator, and it is made of stainless steel and aluminum for easy cleaning.

If you have interests about Syringe Assembly Machine, welcome to come and purchase!