• Managing Lymphedema in Daily Life: Practical Tips from Massage Therapists

    Living with lymphedema can be challenging, but with the right strategies, you can manage it effectively and enhance your quality of life.

    Our expert massage therapists at In...  more

  • Navigating the Choices: A Guide to Pessary Selection and Fitting in Physiotherapy Practice

    At In Step Physical Therapy, we understand the importance of proper pessary selection and fitting for pelvic health. Our expert physiotherapists are here to...  more
  • jrs autodetailing

    Ever wondered about the mysterious culprit behind those tiny orange specks on your vehicle?

    Rail dust, tiny metal particles from various sources can become embedded in a vehicle’s paint, causing unsightly rust spots and even long-term damage if left...  more

  • ‍♂️ Stay Steady with In Step Physical Therapy! ‍♀️

    At In Step Physical Therapy, we understand the importance of maintaining balance and strength as we age. That's why we're excited to offer our latest workshop, Essential Physiotherapy...  more

  • What Makes Cervicogenic Headaches Different and How Can Physiotherapy Help?

    At In Step Physical Therapy, we specialize in identifying and treating cervicogenic headaches. Here's what sets them apart and how we can help: These headaches start in the...  more

  • Elbow Wrist & Hand Physiotherapy Downtown Edmonton | In Step Physiotherapy

    In Step Physical Therapy Tip of the Week: Alleviate Wrist Pain

    Symptoms: Do you experience stiffness, soreness, or weakness in your wrist? You're not alone!

    Solution: Our

    ...  more
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