What is the difference between single-layer and double-layer paper cups?

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What is the difference between single-layer and double-layer paper cups?

Posted By pando cup     March 11, 2021    


With the rapid economic development, paper cups have become an indispensable daily-use item in homes, restaurants, offices and other places because of their convenient use and portability.

Its changeable shape, bright colors, and not afraid of being beaten, are loved by many people. At present, the paper cups sold on the market are generally made of single-layer paper in structural design. Generally, the strength of the paper cup is low. After the hot water is filled, the cup body is easy to deform, and the heat insulation effect is poor and does not slip.

Single-layer paper cups are one of the disposable paper cups, also known as single-sided coated paper cups. It is a single-layer cup with a smooth PE-coated layer inside the paper cup, which is generally used to hold drinking water, which is convenient for people to drink. The raw materials of the house are made of food-grade wood pulp paper + food grade PE film. The double-layer paper cup, as the name implies, means that the paper cup is double-layered. The quality of double-layer paper cups is better than that of single-layer paper cups, and the use time is longer than that of single-layer paper cups. It can also be used to hold hot beverages.

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