Three advantages of custom-made disposable paper cups

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Three advantages of custom-made disposable paper cups

Posted By pando cup     March 25, 2021    


Recyclable paper cups are widely used in homes, companies or restaurants.

Now, more and more choose to order disposable paper cups, and the order of paper cups is also increasing. And custom-made disposable advertising paper cups are practical and convenient, making your advertisements more acceptable to consumers. Secondly, print the logo, name, address, phone number and other information on the paper cup to show a good image and taste, improve culture, promote the brand, and arouse the appreciation of your company by target customers, so that you can have a "cup" in your mouth and increase Customer trust. The most important thing is that custom-made advertising paper cups are more affordable and can be used as gifts to the outside world with good advertising effects.

The majority of consumers should pay attention to buying paper cups. First of all, look at the outer packaging of the paper cup. The plastic packaging must have clear production, QS, license and other information. Second, look at the color. The color of the paper cup itself should not be too bright, and the top and bottom should be left blank. Look at the paper quality of the paper cup against the light. If there are impurities in it, it is produced with inferior or even unqualified waste paper. If it has a pungent smell, it must not be available. Finally, you can pinch it with your hands. It is not recommended to use paper cups that are too soft.

Zhejiang Pando EP Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional recyclable paper cups supplier, dedicated to producing various types of environmentally friendly tableware. If you want to customize related products, please feel free to contact us.