Application of double-wall paper cups

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Application of double-wall paper cups

Posted By pando cup     April 8, 2021    


In order to expand the application range of paper cups, straight-walled double wall paper cups were introduced to the market in 1940. This paper cup is not only easy to carry, but also can hold hot beverages.

Later, the manufacturer applied latex to these paper cups to cover the taste of the paper cup material, and to strengthen the leak-proof ness of the paper cup. The single-layer wax-coated cup after latex coating treatment is widely used for holding hot coffee.

At present, most cold drink paper cups are double-coated, and a small amount of internal coating is used. Cold drinks usually add ice cubes. Even without ice cubes, the beverage itself will be cooler than the outside temperature, which will form condensation on the outside of the paper cup. Single-coated paper cups will cause the cup paper to absorb water and become soft, which affects the customer experience. Therefore, most cold drink paper cups will consider using the double coating.

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