Alternatives that appeared after banning plastic straws

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Alternatives that appeared after banning plastic straws

Posted By pando cup     April 15, 2021    


Since the implementation of the ban on plastic straws in China, practitioners in the catering industry have replaced long-used non-degradable plastic straws with paper straws or Compostable PLA Straws.

Plastic straws are basically disposable, but the degradation time is hundreds of years, recycling is difficult, and plastic particles may enter the human body through natural circulation.

The environmentally friendly alternative straws currently on the market are mainly paper straws and PLA straws. Paper straws are mainly made of wood virgin pulp and water repellent. Despite curing and waterproofing, many consumers still doubt that paper straws are "easy to soak and soft." PLA straws are made of degradable materials such as corn stalks, and the manufacturing process of these two materials needs to be updated.

At present, banning non-degradable plastic straws is not the only way to replace straws with environmental protection. The Coffee Cup Compostable Lids produced by Zhejiang Pando EP Technology Co., Ltd. can solve this situation well. In recent months, more and more restaurants have stopped using plastic straws and added a drinking port to the design of the cup lid. You can drink directly by opening the small lid on it.

If you want to buy Compostable PLA Straws, plastic free paper cups and other environmentally friendly products, you can consult Zhejiang Pando EP Technology Co., Ltd.