Answers to common questions about paper cups

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Answers to common questions about paper cups

Posted By pando cup     April 28, 2021    


When people use Water-Based Dispersion Coating Paper Cups, they often say that the surface of the paper cup is wax and cannot contain hot water to prevent it from being toxic.

In fact, it is easy to distinguish whether it is a wax-coated cup. The inner and outer surfaces of the wax-coated cup are coated with paraffin. You can scrape off the paraffin with light scraping. It can only be used to hold cold drinks. Holding hot drinks will cause the paraffin to melt. The inner wall of the coating cup is covered with a layer of PE film, and the inner surface is relatively smooth, which can be used to hold hot drinks, which is safe and hygienic.

Is it true that disposable paper cups will release toxic substances when encountering hot water?

The PE film that meets the requirements of the standard will only decompose at a temperature above 200°C. The PE film on the inner wall of the film cup will not release toxic substances when it encounters hot water, so it is safe to drink the hot water in the film cup. Moreover, environmentally-friendly ink printing is safe, but it is not ruled out that some paper cups are printed with solvent-based inks, resulting in toxic solvent residues and potential safety hazards.

Drinking with a disposable water cup will dissolve the ink, which is harmful to the body, is it true?

The inner wall of the paper cup is not printed, the liquid will not come into contact with the ink, and the standard requires that the paper cup does not decolor after being immersed in 65% ethanol. The products certified by QS are safe. However, if the alcohol purity is relatively high, the environmentally friendly ink on the outside of the paper cup will be physically dissolved, and the environmentally friendly ink will fade when it encounters the alcohol. Therefore, it is best not to use disposable paper cups for alcohol to avoid harm to the body.

From the above, it can be seen that the coated cup meets the relevant standards, and the wax-coated cup cannot contain hot water or hot oil and avoid microwave heating. According to the standard, paper cups cannot be added with a fluorescent whitening agent, and printing inks should not contain a fluorescent whitening agent, so they can be used with confidence.

As a professional Paper Cups Factory, Zhejiang Pando EP Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to producing safe and quality paper cups. For more details, you can contact us.