The Answer to the Problem of the Color Fading of the Coffee Cup Printing

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The Answer to the Problem of the Color Fading of the Coffee Cup Printing

Posted By pando cup     May 20, 2021    


We all know that printing the customer's logo on Kraft Coffee Cups is achieved through thermal transfer technology, rather than being formed when we make it.

The coffee cup produced by our cupping machine does not have any patterns. So, will the color fade when the cup is printed with the customer's LOGO through thermal transfer technology?

In fact, any printing dyeing will lose the color, but the degree of fade is divided into 1-5 levels. Generally, level 3 is the pass standard, and the discoloration of level 5 is invisible to the naked eye. The level of fading is mainly related to the ink itself and attachments.

There are three types of inks commonly used for printing and dyeing: dye inks, pigment inks and thermal transfer inks. Among them, the dye ink is the least resistant to ultraviolet rays, so it is easy to fade, belonging to the 1-2 level of fade. Pigment ink has the characteristic that it is insoluble in water and does not fade easily, but the color will fade after washing for a long time, and the color loss of pigment ink can reach 3-4 levels. Thermal transfer ink is the least easy to fade, up to 4-5. Thermal transfer ink is invisible and will show its original color under high temperatures. It has the dual concept of volatilization and penetration. The ink will not evaporate when it exceeds 80 degrees, and the good ink will evaporate when it reaches 100 degrees.

The second is the attachment. If the pores of the attachment can absorb the ink, the ink will have a protective layer, and the product will not fade easily. If the ink cannot be absorbed, it will easily volatilize. Generally, the pores of the attachments of heat transfer products are easy to absorb ink, and some of the attachments of ink are not easy to absorb. The production technician will coat them to make up for this defect.

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