Guide to Buying Disposable Paper Cups

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Guide to Buying Disposable Paper Cups

Posted By pando cup     May 26, 2021    


In coating paper cups, regular products will use edible wax. Inferior products are likely to use industrial wax in order to reduce costs. Industrial wax has impurities, which can cause harm to the human body when ingested.

In PE paper cups, regular products are made of polyethylene (PE). Inferior products are likely to use recycled polyethylene in order to reduce costs. The recycled polyethylene will undergo cracking changes during the reprocessing process and produce many harmful compounds. It is easy to drift into the water during use and cause health hazards.

So, how do we judge the safety of disposable paper cups?

01 Buy regular brands, don’t be greedy for cheap

If you have a need to buy disposable paper cups, then go to a regular supermarket to give priority to well-known paper cup products. Most of the paper cup products circulating in regular shopping malls and supermarkets are tested and qualified, and products of well-known brands usually occupy larger shelves.

02 Read the product information carefully

Look for the "QS" logo. According to the requirements of the State Administration for Market Supervision, food paper packaging containers and other products including paper cups must have the "QS" mark before they can be sold. Moreover, the material used (wax or PE) and the applicable temperature of the disposable paper cup are also marked on the packaging bag.

03 Observe the paper cup carefully

❶: Observe whether the inner and outer surfaces of the paper cup are clean, whether there is any deformation, mildew, and whether the thickness is uniform. Good quality paper cups have good resilience and will not become soft when pinched.

❷: Pay attention to the principle of upper 15 and lower 10 for cold and hot drink paper cups. Because the graphite on the disposable paper cups with patterns is easy to fall off, which is not friendly to health. The mouth of the cup is easy to touch the lips and the bottom of the cup is worried about penetration. Therefore, there should be no printing within 15mm of the mouth of the cup and 10mm of the bottom of the cup. This must be up to the standard by a regular manufacturer.

❸: Smell it, if there is a pungent ink smell or other pungent smell, don't use it.

As a professional paper cups factory, Pando provides high-quality products for major fast-selling brands around the world.