What are the dimensions of the washbasin cabinet?

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What are the dimensions of the washbasin cabinet?

Posted By con tuo     July 19, 2021    


What is the general size of the bathroom cabinet?

1. At present, the height of the main cabinet of a normal bathroom cabinet on the market is between 80-85cm (including the height of the basin). The most common standard size of most bathroom cabinets is 800mm~1000mm in length (generally including mirror cabinets) and 450mm~500mm in width (wall distance).

2. For the finished bathroom cabinet, the size is basically the same, especially the height, while the width of the bathroom cabinet is more abundant, such as an ultra-small bathroom, then only a basin can be placed, and the other is wall-mounted The style porcelain basin is not only beautiful, but also does not take up space. It is about 500mm long. In addition to the commonly used sizes of bathroom cabinets, there are also 1200mm long. Some styles with side cabinets can even reach 1600mm in length.

3. When installing bathroom cabinets, then there is one of the most important principles for installing bathroom cabinet sizes, which is to adjust appropriately according to the owner's height. Generally speaking, the height from the floor to the upper edge of the basin is about 80 to 85cm. In other words, the general installation size of the bathroom cabinet is: the distance between the surface of the cabinet and the ground is 80cm~85cm, and the actual size is the most suitable for a person standing in front of the bathroom cabinet with his head in the middle of the mirror. The mirror cabinet is generally installed in the middle of the main cabinet, with the two sides retracted by 50-100mm, and the height is about 250cm.

What is the size of the wash basin in the bathroom cabinet?

Mainly depends on the size of the bathroom space, generally the smallest can be 310MM. There are 330*360 550*330 600*400 600*460 800*500 700*530 900*520 1000*520 Of course, there are many other lengths and degrees that can be customized according to specific conditions.

What is the specific size of the cabinet under the wash basin?

The height of the wash basin should not exceed 80 cm. The size of the base cabinet is between 60 and 75. The size of the wall cabinet is between 50 and 60.

What are the dimensions of the washbasin cabinet?

1. 610mm×470mm×650mm: Generally, it is the commonly used size for ultra-thin under-counter washbasins in the sanitary ware market. Products made from this washbasin size are more beautiful, and young people like this size the most.

2. 410×310×140mm: Jiuzheng Home believes that this small-sized bathroom wash basin is the most suitable for small-sized bathroom, which is simple and practical for small bathroom.

3. 600mm×450mm×185mm: This size is most commonly used in traditional under-counter bathroom washbasins. Although the current design is much more novel than the previous ones, many features including the size of the washbasin are derived from traditional washbasins. Inherited.

For details, please contact: wash basin bathroom cabinet.