The quality of disposable paper cups varies greatly

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The quality of disposable paper cups varies greatly

Posted By pando cup     August 13, 2021    


Disposable paper cups have become common drinking utensils for many families and units to entertain guests because of their convenience and practicality, and the lack of washing and scrubbing. However, while people enjoy convenience, the use of inferior paper cups that do not indicate heat-resistant temperature, insufficient hardness, and unhealthy coatings are likely to cause harm to human health.

"Do you know that there is a new national standard for disposable paper cups?" Faced with this reporter's question, many interviewees expressed "not sure". Some interviewees directly stated that they had never noticed any changes in the appearance of disposable paper cups sold in supermarkets. "I will buy some disposable paper cups for tea when I come to guests at home. I usually buy them from brands and look good. As for other things, I didn't pay much attention to them." Of citizens told reporters.

Then, the reporter interviewed several citizens randomly, and they all gave similar answers. Whether the paper cup has a peculiar smell, whether the design is good-looking, whether the paper is crisp, and whether the price is reasonable are all factors that affect citizens’ choice of paper cups. "No printing within 10mm" is a necessary reference condition.

What are the non-compliance problems with disposable paper cups on the market? What are the health risks of non-compliant paper cups? What principles should be followed when purchasing disposable paper cups? The reporter interviewed the relevant quality supervision department.

Here, we remind consumers to "look", "sniff" and "pinch" when buying paper cups. Look at the packaging logo of the paper cup and check its appearance. Generally, the paper cup should be sealed in a plastic packaging bag. The product packaging should indicate the name of the manufacturer, address, product implementation standards, production date, expiration date, etc.; after opening the package, the paper cup should not be There is a peculiar smell; the shape of the paper cup should also be crisp and should not be deformed.

It is necessary to choose a professional paper cups manufacturer.