The two kinds of paper cups are different in use and processing form

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The two kinds of paper cups are different in use and processing form

Posted By pando cup     August 19, 2021    


For paper cups, it can be divided into "cold drink cups" and "hot drink cups". Maybe everyone thinks that paper cups are nothing more than cold water and hot water. What is the difference? In fact, the two paper cups are different because of their different uses and processing methods. The quality requirements of paper cup materials are also different. In addition to meeting the requirements of packaging processing performance, custom materials for disposable paper cups must also have a certain degree of printability, and paper cup printing must also meet the conditions of heat sealing in paper cup processing and molding.

1. Hot drink paper cup

It is usually used in the packaging trade of hot drinking products. The processing material is paper made of PE single-sided composite, that is, single-sided coated paper. Generally, it is printed on the non-PE surface and directly printed on the paper surface. Due to the need for hot drinks, this type of paper cup needs to have a certain degree of heat insulation after processing. Therefore, this type of product usually requires a certain thickness and stiffness of the paper to increase the heat insulation of the paper cup. The larger the volume, the more paper it uses. Thick.

Due to the needs of the market, printing on paper cups is a publicity method adopted by many manufacturers. At the same time, the exquisite printing patterns also put on the paper cups a gorgeous coat, bringing good visual enjoyment to consumers.

The printing of single-coated PE paper is carried out on paper, so except that the selected ink must meet the food hygiene requirements, other aspects of the paper have similar effects on printing as ordinary paper.

2.Cold Drinks Paper Cups

Cold drink cups are divided into two types according to different processing methods. One is to make the paper have good anti-permeability performance through wax dipping process after printing the base paper, and the other is to make the paper have anti-permeability after the paper is laminated with PE on both sides of the paper. Sex.

The printing requirements of the materials for the two different processing forms of paper cups are different. For paper cups processed by dipping wax, the printing is cut on the paper surface, and there is no special requirement for the raw materials as far as the printing itself is concerned. For the double-sided PE composite paper, to obtain a good printing effect, the composite paper needs to be specially processed.