What are the hidden dangers of heating paper coffee cups?

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What are the hidden dangers of heating paper coffee cups?

Posted By pando cup     August 27, 2021    


We often encounter this situation in our daily life, especially when it is cold, the coffee made in paper coffee cups tends to become cold. At this time, we often take the microwave oven and other heating equipment to heat it. Can it? Can the paper coffee cup be heated?

Coffee paper cups can be used to heat coffee, but there are strict requirements for the temperature. It is best not to exceed 100 degrees Celsius, because the temperature of the microwave oven is completely higher than 100 degrees Celsius when heating, so it is best not to use microwave coffee paper cups for heating.

This is mainly because the inner wall of the paper cup is a layer of polyethylene plastic film, which will be destroyed in an environment exceeding 90 degrees Celsius. Some of the plastic components will escape from the inside and enter the coffee. Once people remove these Drinking substances will cause a strong burden on the kidneys of the human body, and therefore make people sick. If the quality of the plastic film used is not good or the quality of the processing technology is not good enough, the substances released when heated in the microwave oven can also cause cancer.

Therefore, when the coffee in our coffee paper cups is heated, high temperature heating can not be used, but steam heating can be used to heat it, which can ensure our health.

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