Disposable lunch boxes have a long degradation cycle

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Disposable lunch boxes have a long degradation cycle

Posted By pando cup     December 19, 2021    


One-time Takeaway Containers are loved by people because of their convenience and can be seen everywhere in daily life. At present, most of the disposable fast food boxes on the market are made by heating and foaming polystyrene raw materials extracted from petroleum with a foaming agent. Polystyrene is an extremely widely used polymer material, which has the characteristics of low toxicity, high melting point, strong plasticity, and easy production. Therefore, it has become the material of choice for making disposable fast food boxes.

However, due to the extremely long degradation cycle of lunch boxes made of polystyrene, its degradation cycle is as long as 200 years in ordinary environments. In other words, for a long period of time, keep your polymer form unchanged. So how should those discarded lunch boxes be disposed of? Can they be incinerated? No. When they burn, they will produce more than 10 kinds of toxic gases, which directly cause air pollution; can they be buried?

In order to shape the material, various additives must be added in the production process. Over time, some of the toxic additives will be gradually released, causing damage to the soil and water resources; what about recycling? It's a pity that they can be used. The regeneration value is extremely low, not to mention what a huge project to recycle so many large, small-quality lunch boxes every day! Not only that, the freon used as a foaming agent is recognized by the scientific community to cause irreversible damage to the ozone layer of the earth's atmosphere The "culprit". It can be seen that the difficulty of degrading disposable plastic lunch boxes is a major culprit of "white pollution". Not only that, the freon used as a blowing agent is recognized by the scientific community as the "culprit" that causes irreversible damage to the ozone layer of the earth's atmosphere.

Disposable plastic lunch boxes can cause great damage to the environment, so is it absolutely harmless to the human body? The facts tell us that the answer is not the case. A new scientific research result shows that the raw material for making disposable plastic lunch boxes : polystyrene is a carcinogenic environmental hormone substance. Experiments have shown that this type of tableware can cause the production of Dioxin at a high temperature below 65°C, and it is the "most fierce" carcinogen that the media keeps mentioning.

It can be seen that disposable plastic lunch boxes are extremely harmful to the environment and health. With the further improvement of people's environmental awareness and their own health awareness, more and more people refuse to use fast food boxes made of polystyrene, and some new environmentally friendly food boxes have also emerged.

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