It's no secret that the World of Warcraft community has been caught

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It's no secret that the World of Warcraft community has been caught

Posted By lowes emily     October 20, 2022    


WoTLK Gold is scheduled to release by the end of 2022. with public alpha testing for the new expansion starting today.

A Brief History of World of Warcraft So FarSee MoreI'm Finally Excited to Play WoW For the second time after an afternoon With Dragonflight

It's no secret that the World of Warcraft community has been caught between rock and hard spot in recent years. Two disappointing updates (with Shadowlands in particular in contention for the top spot for the worst WoW expansion of all time) and frequent content shortages and a year's worth of troubling headlines related to Blizzard's supposed "frat boy" work environment There's no reason to be surprised that several long-time WoW players have left to greener MMO places. Though positive changes have been implemented in the last year in both how Blizzard is run as a business as well as how Blizzard is approaching to the next phase of WoW, for many fans those changes were not enough, and came too late.

This raises several concerns: What effect will Dragonflight have, and can the coming expansion, scheduled for release by the end of the year, bring players back? That remains to be seen, but having spent more than 6 hours playing an early version of the new expansion prior to the public test of its alpha version (which starts today) I am confident that WoW finally seems to have established its feet following two long years of messing through the Shadowlands.

Many ways Dragonflight feels like a return-to-basics game. This isn't a bad thing. The days of flashy, attention-grabbing new features such as Covenants, Soulbinds, Azerite Armor, Artifact Weapons, Class Halls and Garrisons Warfronts, Island Expeditions as well as others. Instead, Dragonflight's collection of core features is actually quite small, with most of they focusing on the essentials of the basic game experience: progression of classes in the form of new talent trees, updated professions, and an urgent user interface upgrade. Character advancement has always been at the primary aspect of what WoW is about, and Dragonflight is a refreshingly clear take on it--your class is your class, and its potential is accessible to you to explore. Even though each class does come with completely new talent trees based on the game's pre-Mists Of cheap WoTLK Classic Gold times, there are no additional bells or whistles to be found. You select your talents. You learn some new abilities. You experiment. You discover a design you like. You play. Simple as that.